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I'm Gina Li, and this is GRL Translation + Communication — your go-to resource for top-quality French to English translation of marketing, communications and other documents that need a creative touch. Have a look around to learn more about me and what I offer.
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If you’re looking for an experienced professional to translate your French marketing, communications and publications into English, you're in the right place. Take a look below to find out more about what I offer and how I can help you.

Insurance and financial translation
Literary and journalistic translation 
Environment, social causes and corporate resonsibility

I’ve been providing top-quality French to English translation to some of Canada's biggest insurance and financial companies for more than 15 years. Here's just a sample of the kinds of documents I translate: 

  • Sales and marketing (newsletters, promotions, contests, broker communications, video scripts, product launches, RFPs, customer correspondence)

  • Corporate communications (press releases, speeches, blogs, newsletters)

  • Internal property and casualty insurance training (videos, call scripts, quizzes)

I also lend my creative flair to books and in-depth articles. My portfolio includes: 


Does your company have a strong social mission? I love working with organizations that are doing important work on environmental and social issues. If you need your corporate social responsibility report or other similar documents translated, I'd be happy to help.  



Here's what some of my translation clients have said about my work:

"Gina has been a big help to our department, and I often turn to her when we’re really busy. Her texts don’t read like translations at all; they read as if they were written in English. She does a great job adapting catchy or humorous touches in the writing, while staying true to the meaning of the French text. She never hesitates to ask questions and clarify when necessary. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for a dedicated, creative professional who cares about quality."

- Bill Oxley, Translation Manager, Intact Financial Corporation 

"Véritable force tranquille, Gina est une traductrice hors pair qui non seulement connaît bien les rouages de son métier, mais qui prend le temps de bien comprendre le contexte dans lequel s'inscrivent les textes à traduire. C'est ce qui fait de Gina une collaboratrice fiable et disponible, dont les standards de qualité du travail est parmi les plus élevés. Je ne peux que chaudement la recommander."
- Martin Lasalle, Rédacteur-vulgarisateur, journal Forum, Université de Montréal (anciennement conseiller communications au Mouvement Desjardins)

 "Il est très agréable de collaborer avec Gina. Rapide, disponible, simple et efficace, voilà une façon de travailler qui a de quoi plaire à n’importe quel professionnel occupé!"

- Marie-Christine Daignault, chef de contenu Coopmoi au Mouvement Desjardins
"J’ai eu l’occasion de traiter plusieurs mandats avec Gina dans le cadre de mon travail. Ma principale responsabilité était de réviser les traductions de nos formations faites par Gina afin de m’assurer que le sens n’avait pas changé. Lorsque j’avais des interrogations sur sa traduction, Gina était toujours réceptive à entendre mon point de vue et ses explications étaient claires et pertinentes. Elle est très professionnelle, disponible et a le souci de bien satisfaire sa clientèle. Nous entretenions une bonne relation et ce fut très agréable de travailler avec elle."
- Danielle Laroche, Desjardins Assurances



I've worked as a French to English translator for over 15 years. As a certified member of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario, I'm committed to the highest standards of quality. You can be sure you're getting a top-notch translation that accurately reflects the essence of the source text and captures the nuances of the English language. A text that reflects your industry’s unique jargon and speaks effectively to your target audience. While I will always stay true to the essence of your original text, when needed, I will adapt the style and tone to make sure it resonates with your English readers. You don’t need someone who will produce a literal translation; you need a seasoned professional who understands your industry and will go the extra mile to produce a text that doesn’t sound like a translation at all.




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