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Hi! I'm Gina 

If you're a Quebec entrepreneur or SME that wants to up-level your English skills or build your brand with anglophone audiences, you're in the right place.



Whether you want to take your English to the next level or are looking for a seasoned professional to translate your French website or marketing materials into English, I can help.

Take a look below to find out more about me and what I offer.

Business English Coaching 

My one-on-one English coaching services are geared towards the needs of entrepreneurs and business development professionals.

My clients already have a good grasp of English but want to up-level their skills.

They're looking for concrete guidance and support to achieve specific goals:

French-to-English Translation 

I help Quebec SMEs communicate clearly and concisely with English-speaking readers. I can take your French content and give it the expert touch it needs to connect powerfully with your target audience.

Here are just some examples of the kinds of translation projects I've worked on:

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About me

As an English coach, I draw on my marketing and communications background, public speaking skills and teaching experience to help my clients communicate confidently with anglophone clients. I help them hone their English skills to enhance all their communications—everything from preparing for sales pitches and other key presentations to writing more effective emails.

And as a translator, I've been using my writing, communication and creative skills for over 16 years to craft clear, concise and compelling content that resonates strongly with anglophone readers.

My diverse SME clientele—in sectors such as retail, tourism, food, hospitality and more—turn to me because they know I'll do more than just translate their words. I'll take the essence of their message and adapt it so it genuinely connects with English readers. Websites, articles, blog posts, newsletters, promotions, contests and press releases….anywhere that requires a more creative approach is where I really help my translation clients shine.

In both my coaching and translation work, my clients see me as a partner in their success. Someone who takes the time to understand their unique needs and realities. Who nurtures long-term relationships. And who goes the extra mile.



Here's what some of my clients have said about me:

Dominique Gauthier, Fondateur, Parcours ludiques

Trik Truk - Expériences ludiques

Si je devais résumer en 1 mot mes séances de coaching avec Gina, je choisirais: Efficacité! Son approche personnalisé focus sur des résultats concrets et rapides pour une meilleure maîtrise de la langue anglaise dans le monde du travail. Le service de coaching qu’offre Gina permet de travailler sur les acquis déjà en place et d’améliorer les lacunes (vocabulaire d’affaire, expression commune, prononciation, présentation de projet, etc). C’est beaucoup plus concret que des cours d’anglais proposés par les grandes écoles de langues. Je recommande ses services sans hésiter !

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